About Pushkar

Pushkar a small city situated in the states of Rajasthan India is famous for its Brahma Temples and the world’s most interesting Cattle fair which is named as Pushkar Cattle fair. Pushkar attracts numerous visitors from all over the world who come to this small city in Rajasthan for a Holy Dip at the Ghats near Brahma Temple. But the crowd of tourist is mostly attracted by its annual cattle fair, which is spectacular to behold. Pushkar is well known as a tourist destination. The Rajasthan tourism ministry has taken several measures to ensure the comfort and safety of the tourists who come to Pushkar. There are many hotels in the city ranging from the luxurious to the budget-friendly.

There are over 400 temples in Pushkar. Some of the important temples are dedicated to Brahma, Raghunath, Varaha, Savitri ,and Gayatri. It is famous for the Camel Fair, which takes place here in Oct/Nov.

Pushkar, has an interesting and long historical past which one can listen from the villagers from Pushkar. Pushkar is a tranquil and peaceful city. For those who want to know about Pushkar and its great historical and cultural heritage, a visit to this city gives the perfect opportunity.

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