Tour Three States


Day 1: Paris (or Other Source) - Chennai – Mamallapuram

Start early in the afternoon from Paris to Chennai (Madras) on a scheduled flight. Arrival in the evening and welcome by your guide. You will then be taken to Mamallapuram which was two centuries ago a famous port. To your hotel at the edge of the sea.

Day 2: Mamallapuram – Pondicherry

Mamallapuram is a former capital of the Pallava kings. Many of its temples are world heritage of UNESCO. Visit the Shore Temple, very famous in the region. It is a beautiful cultural complex dedicated to Shiva and Vishnu. Built by the sea, its frame is sumptuous. You can also visit the South Rathas: These are monolithic temples shaped floats procession. Lunch at a charming restaurant on the waterfront are also found near the bas relief of Arjuna, carved on the walls of a huge rock, depicts animals, gods and demigods and illustrates the legends of the Panchatantra. Starting in the late afternoon to Pondicherry. Check into your hotel. .



Day 3 : Pondicherry – Tanjore

Pondicherry is a former French counter: visit the Aurobindo Ashram, the Old Town and museum. The city was in the eighteenth century the seat of the Indian Company French East India. It was French from 1816 to 1954. It remains today a major center of French culture, with the French Alliance, a high school French and a French institute specialized in the study of civilizations and Indian languages. Visit the Cenotaph''Mother.''Walk through the old neighborhoods inhabited by the French. Beach Road is a picturesque place for a walk you will discover different aspects of local culture. The nearby beaches will provide a perfect place to relax. Starting in the late afternoon to Tanjore. Arrival in the evening at the hotel

Day 4 : Tanjore – Karaikudi

Tanjore was the capital of Chola kings to whom we owe the temples of the city and surrounding areas. The region, known for its handicrafts, is covered with fertile plains, whose rice plantations cover much of the rice needs of Tamil Nadu. The temple of Brihadishwara, dedicated to Shiva, is the jewel of Chola temple architecture. If you are interested in the artistic dimension, do not miss the Art Gallery: it brings together a large quantity of bronzes, sculptures, antiques and sacred books. If this is the story of the city that interests you most, you can visit the archaeological museum. Starting in the late afternoon to Karaikudi. Overnight at the hotel



Day 5 : Karaikudi – Chettinadu – Madurai

Morning visit to Chettinadu. Chettinadu region was inhabited by a community of rich merchants, Chattiars, who built the baroque houses quite unique. Drive to Madurai after lunch. It is the cultural capital of the Tamil country and a center of Hinduism. Lunch and discovery of the palace of Tirumalai Nayak founded in 1636, visit the famous Temple of Tiruparamkundram. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Day 6 : Madurai – Thekkedy

Departure for 10 hours to visit Thekkedy. You will cross the plains thriving Tamil. You will then arrive at Periyar National Park which is located in the mountains of India. It includes nearly 800 km2 of wilderness. Discovery of the plantations of spices (pepper, nutmeg, cardamom etc ...) and then cruise on the lake. In this beautiful setting, you can see deer, monkeys and numerous species of birds. The check-in is scheduled for early evening.



Day 7: Thekkedy – Alleppey

Drive to Alleppey, the Venice of Kerala which is crossed by numerous canals. You will be boat rides. In turn, you will discover what makes the specificity of this charming village: traditional manufactures coir fiber, fruit market, jewelry, old houses along the canals. Overnight in air-conditioned houseboat Houseboat ATDC ..

Day 8: Alleppey – Cochin

Drive to Cochin, a former Portuguese trading and Dutch. The city is famous for its bay and the spectacle of large fishing nets deployed (squares called Chinese), Discovery of the old town in rickshaws: the Church of St. Francis, founded in 1568 the synagogue famous for its tiles and Mattanchery palace. This palace is also known as the Dutch Palace. In the evening, representation of a Kathakali show, costume drama, song and dance, whose themes are drawn from the great Indian epics. Installation in a traditional Kerala dinner where you can choose the fish or seafood you want to eat right on the harbor and will be cooking in a gourmet recipe of Kerala. Overnight at hotel.



Day 9: Cochin Local

Cochin is one of the most interesting cities in South India. It is a city bustling with activity but has retained its romantic charm. Port city for centuries, Cochin was naturally turned to trade: spices, cotton textiles, silks and precious objects to transition. This trade, which has continued at the time the British allowed the city to get rich and become what it is today with its temples, its buildings while retaining its traditional character. Overnight at hotel

Day 10: Cochin - Paris (or Other Destination)

Departure after breakfast to the airport of Cochin. Then taking a scheduled flight to Paris or to another destination. You will come home the same day.


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